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St. John's Lutheran School Marysville Ohio

Developing student’s minds and engaging their hearts to impact their communities through the Gospel.

Why St. John's christian school

Why St. John's

St. John's has outstanding teachers and a Christ-centered focus!

Christian school admissions


Easy online application process for new students.

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Excellent preschool program and latchkey childcare.

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St. John's sports programs develop teamwork and self discipline .

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Volunteer opportunities to support St. John's

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Special Events

Special events, monthly and annual school calendars.

  What's New at St. John's

We have some exciting news to share with our St. John’s Lutheran School & Preschool Stakeholders!

National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) encourages, assists and recognizes Lutheran schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. NLSA uses a Self-Study and Validation Team Visit to ensure a balanced, performance-based process that examines multiple facets of the organization and the way they work together to produce results. The purpose of an NLSA Self-Study is to evaluate the actual conditions in place that are related to essential indicators of school quality. These ratings allow a school to identify and celebrate unique strengths and address concerns that need corrective action. Upon conclusion of the NLSA Self-Study, an NLSA visiting team validates that the information prepared by the school accurately reflects the actual conditions that are present at the school. In a formal, two-day visit, the team examines evidence, interviews school stakeholders, visits classrooms and observes overall school practices.

Over the past year, the staff at St. John’s have been working diligently to complete the NLSA Self-Study and prepare for the Validation Team Visit.  We are excited to announce that St. John’s Lutheran School has been reaccredited with the Evidence Based Accreditation (EBA) and St. John’s Lutheran Preschool has received accreditation in the Early Childhood Accreditation (EC). Our Validation Team Visit reported 0 Major Deficiencies and 8 Outstanding Strengths. Our strengths are listed below:

•       St. John’s is committed to implementing strategic and long term planning.

•       School personnel model Christ’s love in their relationships with parents and guardians.

•       Positive relationships exist among the entire school community.

•       The CEA and other volunteer groups are active and effective in achieving their goals.

•       The school’s Christ centered ethos is highly visible and evident. 

•       The staff is an effective team and supportive of one another.

•       The administration provides strong leadership and has a great vision for the school.

•       The school is well respected in the Marysville community

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the St. John’s Community. We appreciate your time, talents and treasures in support of St. John’s Lutheran School and Preschool.

We've Got SPIRIT at SJS

Each Friday this year we are having a Spirit Day

October November December
16- Inside Out Day
6- Dress as your
parent Day
4- Crazy Sock
23- Mismatch Day
13- Career Day
30- Harvest Day
20- Jersey Day

18- Holiday Sweater



To purchase books you can click on this link starting 10/12-10/25
All books will be shipped to your home. 


By calling or texting the statewide tip line at 844-723-3764 you can anonymously report anything that is suspicious or endangering you, your friends, or your school.


Interested in supporting St. John’s and marketing to our church and school??  Become a Corporate Sponsor….

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was recently signed into law. This allows 529 plan account distributions of up to $10,000 annually per student for tuition and related expenses at a private or religious elementary or secondary school. Check with your financial advisor to see how this may benefit you. 


St John's Cookbooks

The new St John's cookbook are in!!! 827 recipes! Tons of favorites from previous cookbooks, plus Insta-pot & gluten-free recipes. These recipes come from 7 different states as well as 3 cities in Germany! This is a sturdy hard back 3-ring binder. $20/each. Awesome Christmas gifts. Email for orders.

Our Purpose:

St. John's Lutheran School exists in Christ to educate and equip students by developing the mind and engaging the heart to impact their communities through the Gospel.

Our Mission:

Equipping the family of God to joyfully and boldly make Disciples of Christ as we:

KNOW Jesus and one another
GROW to be more like Him
SOW His love in word and deed.

An Exceptional Christian Education

For more than 175 years, St. John's Lutheran School has been dedicated to providing a Christ-based education that produces better students and Christian citizens. This is accomplished through the partnership between educators and parents.

Our school provides an exceptional Christ-centered education for preschool through 8th grade, including a magnificent child-care program. At St. John's,, we don't want to keep Jesus isolated only to religion class. Instead, we strive to incorporate Christ into every part of our day. St. John's is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Association, and our teachers are all certified.